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Where to Buy Cheap Air Conditioners

With the high temperatures that have been hitting us already in just early June, you may be considering buying a new cooling system for your household! Air conditioners can be pretty pricey, but luckily there are still a few places you can find one for alright money! Here are some stores and sites you may want to consider when shopping for your new air conditioner.

Sears offers a wide variety of cooling systems. From wall air conditioners, to window mounted appliances, to portable ones…They have a lot to choose from, and at the right prices, too! Sears offers window air conditioners starting at only $119! If you’re considering a portable option, their product for the lowest price is only $90.48! Air conditioners can often run $700 and up, so these are some great options to ride out the brutal weather up ahead!

Of course if we’re talking about low prices, Walmart.com offers some great options as well. Their cheapest window conditioner is less than $100 which is definitely a great deal. They also offer a portable air conditioner for 16 dollars more, but if you’re going for quality, then you might as well choose the window mounted product.

Home Depot also offers some great options to choose from. Their price range is about the same as Sears, with their lowest wall air conditioner starting at $119. However, their portable cooling options aren’t as affordable, for the lowest one I could find was $229.

So if you’re looking for a way to get through this summer, head on down to one of the stores above and pick up an air conditioner to cool you off during the heat waves to come! Not only will your house be cooled down, but you’ll be saving a buck as well!